Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Parts on the Way!

Well, work has left me just way too busy but I of course have had some time to spend some money! I ordered a few aluminum parts from David Shaw that should be here in another week, of those, the coin slot is going to help me align the skins. I also ordered some VHB tape to help with the skins and some special aluminum paint that will go on the dome once I'm done filling/sanding/filling/and sanding.

I ordered the atomic pickle Pittman dome drive and the Pittman motor arrived yesterday. I got in on the aluminum skirt run along with a few other parts and can't wait to start working on things.

While I do not have much to show for my efforts or photos, I thought I'd leave you with a story from this week. So, here you go...

I was one of the parent helpers in a walking field trip with my daughter's elementary school class to one of our local fire stations. These kids were so excited to meet some REAL heroes and I also enjoy going along to help out. During part of the Fire Captain's "show and tell" he had the parents line up by different compartments on the large ladder truck. Once the Captain pointed to us, we would open the door and everyone would first guess what the item was used for and explain its' purpose. So, I had my assigned door and once it was my turn, before I opened the door, the captain told the kids, "Now, our next door we have....R2-D2!!!" uhhhh, what!? Really!? Haha, Now, I have not told anyone what I'm working on at home so it was a VERY strange experience, OF COURSE, it would be ME that got that door! Well, it turned out that behind the door was the turbo vac that they use to suck up flooded water from homes...and yes, it did in a strange why resemble R2. I kept my mouth shut about my little project but perhaps someday in the future, I'll introduce them to the REAL R2!

I hope everyone is doing well and progressing on whatever stage of the build you're on.

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