Friday, June 4, 2010

What a Rebel...

So, I sanded some more and I'm almost there to primer the dome...then sand some more. I really REALLY wanted to get the styrene dome together without having to cut the dome...I'm sure it really doesn't matter and I get that it would have saved me a bunch of time, but I just wanted the inside to be clean and solid.

One thing I really like is that each of these droids is so unique...even all the R2's. You could have asked me a year ago in a lineup and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference but now having spent some time with them, you quickly learn how to pick out each other's droids in a lineup.

While I'm making R2-D2, I'm not really going to follow a specific scene, I'm taking a few different things that I like and making it work. While a pure aluminum HP really is a beautiful thing, I really like the painted segments of the hp's seen in ANH. I also like how one of the back panels is not painted and one of the back panel on the dome is not painted either. I'm going to go with the "LA" look and leave the inner skin unpainted too. While I think the same detail can be achieved with weathering...I'll be doing both. Also, while I'm sure some will roll their eyes, my dome bumps will be LED switches as some have used, mine were ordered this morning and I'm including a photo of what they look like. No, it's not screen accurate...but I like the added detail. I don't think I'll have the switch actually connected anything though as kids hands tend to wander...but I like the LED look. Mine is the blue LED but the outer rim is aluminum to match the dome and not black.

Also, another update was I've ordered the 300mm aluminum dome. I think it will be awhile before I do anything with it but once my build slows down a bit, I'll at least have it on hand to work with.


  1. where did you find these LED "dome bumps"? (edwardo from astromech forums)

  2. Yes, I am interested to know too :-)