Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo updates....

Just a few updates and comments...

I started getting my PVC battery boxes ready with a few coats of primer. These were made by Matt McCormick and he did such a great job. I realized later that these are a little short so I might not be able to get my NPC motors to fit but I'll prep and get them ready anyway. I might go with aluminum at some point and someone else can use these...not sure yet but the craftsmanship is very nice! - you can find more information on these at his blog at:

I drilled out the PSI diffuser set from Daren to make room for my PSI's from Mike Valcheck - these things are just awesome and super bright!

I haven't done a whole lot here, the frame, skins, and dome. This was before a LOT of sanding to get the inner and outer dome to fit. I'm hoping to paint the dome this next week if I can manage to cut everything out - pretty easy on the styrene dome. I was working on the inner skins so they are missing in the photo.

I quickly put together Andy's HP Servo Holder...I think it's a great item to have and will need to fine tune it when I get to that point.

I had a LOT of frustration in trying to get things to line up and fit. My problem was that things just were not fitting right. The CNC cut wood frame was a little short, something that is normal so you don't "see" the frame above the skins. Well, mine was a little more than 1/8" short so my great LDP from David Shaw just would not fit, even after cutting the top of the frame. I managed to get clearance for the LDP but then after propping it up, the Rocker bearing would sit level. So, I used a cut piece of PVC to add to the top of the frame. So, in the photo, after some time, I have the LDP fitting perfect with the skins and frame...a beautiful site. I'm waiting on a few more items to check the fit before I glue and attach the skins so things are still in a holding pattern but at least I can see it working. I have not decided yet if I will just paint the frame (behind the LDP) black, or if I will get out the router, I'm thinking probably some flat black will be in my future.
So, there are a few other things I working on, a few more items have come in from my friendly UPS/USPS/and FedEx guys.
I'm still waiting on a few parts for the dome and I cannot wait to get it painted and looking just right. I'm also getting an aluminum dome but will use the styrene for awhile. As I started with the styrene, I'm going to finish R2 with it and will upgrade later when I have the time. Questions are always good and if you're seeing me making a grave mistake on something...please, mention it! ;)

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