Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Parts and Stuff...

Okay, to start things off, I thought I'd share another photo from Maker Faire this past weekend. It is always so motivating to my build to see the reaction that kids have with R2. I can't wait!

So, more parts are coming in but not a lot of time to do anything with them until I'm on vacation. I'm really excited to be able to have found a set of aluminum skins from Chris James and have them loosely around R2 like he's lost weight!
I'm waiting on some resin parts for the dome to get here so that I can get the dome painting done in one weekend. I've ordered the dome motor and the atomic pickle dome drive. I'm also in the for the run for JAG's foot motor drives, the J.E.D.I. display, and the J.E.D.I. controller, have my doubts after looking into it but we'll see with time what route I actually go down.
I'll probably be painting my battery boxes and shoulders tomorrow and will probably glue up the frame now that I have the skins next week.
Still lots of planning but to see R2 with his dome, frame, and skins - he's looking better and better.
I'm also spread all over the house and need to clear out the workshop for some true R2 dedicated space. Once I do this I'll probably be better at taking some progress photos for you all.

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